Our Philosophy

Good Health is our Mission

Weight Loss management has become a primary focus in his practice given its impact on quality of life and its contribution to other chronic and costly medical conditions like diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and even cancer. He teamed up with his Nurse Practitioner Rita and Herbalife to establish a hands on weight loss program that is easy to follow, affordable and successful in delivering the desired results for both physician and patient. This has lead to greater success in controlling diabetes, heart failure, angina, stroke and improve arthritis symptoms. Consequently, this has helped reduce the number of medications needed and helped a large percentage of patients achieve their goals. For more information, ask us about the Herbalife weight loss program.

Exercise is a big part of our treatment plan given the benefits it carries. Cardio exercises help lower blood pressure, improve diabetes and reduce chances of heart attacks and strokes. Also, resistance training(i.e. weight lifting), in a properly supervised setting, can build up muscle mass, boost your metabolism and so help with wt loss and alleviate chronic aches and pains. For that purpose, Dr Helou has teamed up with Flex World Fitness management and fitness experts to develop a comprehensive plan that meets his patients’ needs. Fit After Fifty program is one of the most successful programs established that is geared toward people that are older and typically not avid gym goers but in dire need for exercise. It is a customized plan designed to meet the needs of aging people at different stages of their life to improve their physical and psychological well being. To learn more about this type of program and more visit flexworldfitness.com.

Natural Alternative Health is also an integral part of the practice. With the heavy environmental pollution, reliance on processed and fast foods and some cultural and lifestyle stressors, there has been escalating food, drug allergies and environmental allergies more than ever before. We realize that and have been aggressive in screening patients for allergies, metabolic bone disease, vitamin C and D Deficiency as well as various GI illnesses like Celiac disease, Peptic ulcer, Irritable Bowel to name a few. That is why natural supplements, under proper/expert guidance of a physician, is essential as part of the comprehensive approach to each individual’s health. This will ensure that patients get all the potential benefits of natural treatments instead of relying heavily and primarily on prescription medications . Also, with this comprehensive approach, we can help avoid toxicity and drug interactions that may occur with unsupervised ingestion of some over the counter medications and supplements that often occur without the physician knowledge.

Given the comprehensive multi disciplinary approach that our practice has adopted, we believe that our motto clearly reflects our intentions. Hence “ Good Health is our Mission”